What's Your Name? Life as a Rock 'n' Roll Dog

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My book is about our dog Lynyrd Skynyrd. Lynyrd is named after one of the most popular and successful Southern Rock Bands in history. I have always been a fan of Southern Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd in particular. Our Lynyrd Skynyrd is part pug and part beagle which makes him a Puggle. It’s a book for kids or dog lovers. My book tells the story of how Lynyrd joined our family and enriched our lives.



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“What’s Your Name? Life as a Rock’n’ Roll Dog”


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If you want to smile and to bring joy to others, you just must buy this wonderful book.  Everything about it just speaks to readers of all ages, and I have read and re-read my copy.  The pix are excellent, and the message is warm and fun.  I have purchased multiple copies of this to give as presents, and I have already given one, which has met with a rave review.  I sincerely hope there are more books forthcoming from this author, as he truly knows how to write a wonderful and enjoyable book.

This is a wonderful little book!  It is so very upbeat and will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face!  Pictures are great and I fell in love with this adorable dog.  It is good for ‘children of all ages’ and I would certainly buy more from this author.

This book is awesome and adorable! I have read & reread it. Love the story and the pictures are great! Buy the book, you won’t be disappointed.
I ordered 3 books for my Granddaughters; received them today; after reading the book I’m sure my grandkids will enjoy, easy to read, lots of pic’s and I really enjoyed the parts about the human parents. I posted on my Facebook page recommending to all my friends with small children or grandchildren, good job Ed……..

What an adorable puppy!
An endearing story of a much loved Puggle, Lynyrd Skynyrd narrates his adoption into a loving family and shares with the reader his adventures and guidebook on how to properly spoil your dog rotten.
Generally geared towards younger readers, this book will bring a smile to the face of readers of all ages.
I recommend this book to teachers (along with the audio version) for reading instruction and to anyone who is a dog lover.
Proceeds from the first 1000 books will be donated to animal rescue charities.
A BIG THUMBS UP to Mr. Ed Gellock for his generosity and for loving Lynyrd Skynyrd enough to name his Puggle after them and to take on the labor of his love to write a book about it.